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I love skin care and I am always on the look for new products to use, in the hopes of getting the smoothest, purest skin of all. Obviously, I am still on board this mission, but I can honestly say that my skin ( considering that it is completely sensitive ) is getting close to looking the way I want it to. Considering this is one of my very first blog posts I thought an introduction for this review was appropriate. So now that we are done with the formalities, let’s jump straight into this skincare review!

The background & my intention of the purchase

To get straight to the point, for some yet unknown reason, my skin was greeted by small tiny red bumps over my jaw line area accompanied with one or two breakouts. Frustrated I began my research of what could be causing these bumps, I had no clue, the only thing I knew was that a) these were not acne b) I had zero ideas on how to approach them. Some might suggest treating them as if they were acne, you know topical treatments and all that. But I knew that this is a HUGE mistake. These according to a lot of research, were a reaction. A reaction to what exactly, that is still yet to be known. But I had to approach them very delicately and keep that area from being irritated at all costs. So moral of the story, a couple of days after the reaction, I was shopping and went into “The Face Shop”. If you don’t know what this shop is, it is an extremely affordable Asian skin care boutique. When I say affordable I mean, $3 face masks affordable. And Yes I am a true believer that the skin is nothing to be tampered with and should be invested in. But at that point, I just really couldn’t help myself. I went in and after a long chat with the sales associate, I winded up getting a couple of face masks and the Mini Capsule Pack of 4 face masks. 

The Product & The Review

So as per the name mentions the box contains 4 mini capsules, each with a different purpose. The Aloe for soothing, Honey for moisturizing, Pomegranate for resilience lifting, and Rice for brightening.


This is what I used to sooth down and calm down the reaction on my skin. Aloe vera is a natural plant, used to treat acne and so much more skin issues. I know people who have used pure aloe vera straight from the plant and kept it on overnight. And it truly does wonders. This had a gel formula the dried on your skin but didn’t peel off. Just like any other mask you had to wash it off after 10 minutes. This had a beautiful scent to it (which means there is added scents and perfumes). I felt like it acted like a balm, after leaving it on for 10 minutes, then rinsing it off, I felt like it left my skin clean and calm. For the price range, I didn’t actually believe it would serve that well, but it exceeded my expectations. After using it every night for 4 days, all my bumps were smoothed down, I know it sounds too good to be true.


This one is one of my favorite because it is extremely moisturizing and gentle. I used this on the morning where I know I will be wearing foundation that same night. Prepping the skin is everything when it comes to having a flawless base. The more hydrated and moisturized your skin is, the less patchy the foundation will look. I just loved it! But this wasn’t why I purchased this box, simply because raw organic honey will do just the job, but it was a great bonus!


I believe this one is my least favorite of the four, simply because I didn’t really understand the point of it. Yes, it smells great and feels good on my skin, but it didn’t serve as great as the Aloe or the Honey did. Still, for a day where you feel like your skin needs a little something extra or just a bit of pampering this one will do. Did I also mention the scent? The scent is so therapeutic.


I honestly was a little bit hesitant about this one because I was unsure of what rice would for my skin. But this beat my expectations, it was so soothing, just like every other mask in this box. Did it brighten my skin like it claims on the box? It purified my skin more than it did brightening it and left it smooth and ready for the moisturizer to glide on easily. I loved it!


Aloe: The best and cheapest dupe is literally pure aloe vera gel from the natural plant, it is more potent with a significantly strong scent, but if you can withstand the scent the benefits are up there!

The Honey: I honestly prefer raw organic honey over this. As I said before if honey is something you are allergic to, I would avoid using this all in all. For ages, honey was known to be a great skin care ingredient, anti-inflammatory and soothing.

Pomegranate: For this one, I have two options, the first, is a DIY and the second is a dupe product but as I believe is not a mini product.  For the DIY, all you’ll need is the juice of pomegranate seeds, and 2 tablespoons of honey (I told you honey is a staple!). As for the dupe, BioRepublic SkinCare – Illuminating Fiber Mask Pomegranate Crush will do.

Rice: There are so many dupes for this one but I will tell you about this DIY that I created and just made my skin glow! Boiled some white rice on the stove until it’s soft and edible. And then adding some rose water and the rice into a blender, blend them together until they have a creamy texture. Put the mixture in the fridge overnight and then use this first thing in the morning to wake your skin up, it’s so cool and refreshing on the skin.

The Price & The Number Of Uses

The price: $

In the box, you get 4 small capsule face masks, for

  • $15 Canadian Dollars
  • $11.25 US Dollars
  • $14.87 Australian
  • 9 pounds

The Number Of Uses: 1 capsule contains 10 ml 0.34 US

1 capsule contains 10 ml 0.34 US fl. 0z.

As usual the number of uses depends on how much product you will actually consume, but for me personally, I generously coated my face and got around 3 uses per capsule. Which to me is just extremely generous.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. janahpinku says:

    The packaging is so pretty! So glad to hear that it worked nicely on your skin.

    Rice is really effective in brightening and exfoliating the skin.

    It is nice to stumble upon your blog. You have lots of great posts. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sara N says:

      Thank you so much! Such a sweet comment


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