Carli Bybel BH Cosmetics Palette

2017-04-17 17.57.46The Intention Of The Purchase

This palette launched a long time ago I know, but I feel like it is so underrated. Carli Bybel is my favorite beauty blogger, I have followed her for years and years, and she inspired me along with millions of other girls out there. She came out with this palette and the world went crazy. I know so many people that are not even make up junkies that purchased this palette and swear by it. I am guessing you are sensing by the tone of this, that this will be a good review, well, I personally love this palette and I am on my third one, but as usual to each their own.

The Product & The Review

This is palette contains 14 eyeshadow colors and 4 different shades of highlighters for different skin tones. Five out of the twelve eyeshadows are actually matt, and the rest are pretty shimmery shades. It comes with a mirror installed inside too.I have personally used this palette on daily basis, they eye shadows are long wearing, super easy to blend and extremely pigmented.

The Matts

The five matt shades range between a beige neutral color and then three different shades of purple (gradually increasing in darkness as we move to the right) and a neutral brown shade. Personally, the first upper-left matt shade is my absolute favorite neutral color that I have ever used. The light mauve can be worn throughout the day, and just settles so beautifully. The two darker mauves, have more of a purple tint to them and are a bit more dramatic.

The Shimmers

Most of this palette has shimmery shades, there’s a light pink, a rose gold color, a gold color and two different shades of shimmery brown, a copper color, and a metallic color. The eyeshadows are pretty pigmented with little fallout but don’t expect to have the effects of glitter on your eyelids, these are sparkly eyeshadow shades more than glittery shades.

Tip: Spray some fix plus onto the brush to increase the pigmentation of the shadows.

The Highlighters

The highlighters are one of the best highlighters I have used ( as it’s pretty clear by now this has to be my favorite palette.) There are four different shades of highlighters, which can be used as eyeshadow as well. There is a light pink highlighter, a rose gold pink highlighter, a gold highlighter and a copper toned highlighter. Obviously, these highlighters, are a bit glittery, they are not as natural as a liquid highlighter would look, but I haven’t found a powder highlighter that doesn’t shimmer yet ( I mean that’s the whole point I guess).

Tip: You can use the shimmery eyeshadows as highlighters & the highlighters as shadows!


2017-04-17 18.02.13
1st Row
2017-04-17 18.11.05
2nd Row
2017-04-17 18.12.13
3rd Row

The Price 

For this palette, it is sold for $12.99 US on BH cosmetics.

There is a Delux edition up on the website right now that you can pre-order for $19. I promise I am not sponsored, I just love this palette & Carli Bybel so much!

I hope you found this review helpful & don’t forget to follow me.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. soobeautis says:

    Yessss! I have this palette and I love it! ❤ She's coming out with a deluxe version of this palette soon. Great review btw 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sara N says:

      Thanks so much! Yes I know I already ordered it too! Can’t wait to try it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. soobeautis says:

        Looking forward to your review on the deluxe one! 🙂


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