How To Color Correct

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Have you ever noticed that even though you applied foundation and concealed your acne scars they still winded up showing through? Or have you ever concealed your dark circles only to realize in a couple of hours later that your dark circles are starting to come through again? One of the most effective ways to keep those colors concealed is by simply color correcting.Colour correcting has been around for ages, but it was only until recently that it started trending again. About 70 percent of women suffer from discolouration on their face and on their bodies, and it is completely normal! Below is everything you need to know about color correcting, from when to use which color,  what are the best brands in the market and how to apply color correctors without it leaving your skin looking cakey! 

Let’s talk basics, is it necessary to color correct? Obviously not, nothing is necessary with makeup and that’s the beauty of it, it’s your face, your makeup and you make your own rules! Colour correcting can be used on so many different areas other than the face.If you have a dark scar or a bruise that you’d like to cover, color correctors can sometimes come in handy. I tried the high-end and low-end color correcting palettes and honestly, a low-priced drugstore color correcting palette will work just as fine as an expensive one, if not even better. 

 Colour Correcting 101 lesson begins, this color wheel which will be your best friend & a great reference has everything you need to know. The trick here is knowing that opposite colors on the color wheel cancel each other out. So let me explain it in a bit more details. This beautiful image over here (which I didn’t create & totally giving credit to Google right now), will be our reference guide.

Okay, so opposites cancel each other remember? If you have a purple bruise, the color that you will use is the color opposite to purple on the color wheel, which is either yellow or orange, to cancel out that color and neutralize that area. Continue reading to know when to use what color.

How to Use & When To Use Each Colour

I like to think of color correcting as a part of the prep process. After you apply your moisturizer and primer, you begin to cancel out and even out any discolouration, before applying your foundation or concealer. Using a concealer brush or a small paddle brush, pick up the color with reference to your area and start to apply it like you would if you were concealing your pimples. Then blend using a damp beauty blender (why damp? because it will sheer out the formula and pick up any excess product). Then dab your concealer on and top it off with your foundation, making sure to blend everything in properly. So dab till your fingers bleed.


When To use Each Colour:


Green cancels out red.Therefore the green correcter will combat any redness like redness caused by acne, a rash or a red birth mark. Hence this is why most primers targeted towards acne, usually come in a green colour rather than transparent. 


Since we are on the topic of redness, mild redness, such as the redness around the nose or around the corners of the mouth or sometimes from a fading acne scar can be concealed using the yellow corrector. If you don’t have a yellow corrector in your kit you can simply use a concealer with yellow undertones and it will do the job for you.

Red Orange Salmon: 

Red, orange or salmon can be used to conceal any dark bluish purple areas. Like for example severe darkness under the eyes, & as you guessed, they do conceal dark bruises as well. Applying one of these color correctors under your eyes will make your concealer last longer and prevent the under eye circles from showing through during the day. The red corrector is perfect for a lady with a darker complexion. While if you’re a girl with a medium complexion, orange will cover your darkness, and if you’re a girl with a pale complexion the salmon color will really hide circles under your eyes.

Purple: Personally I don’t really ever use this color because I don’t find a purpose for it. But so many beauty gurus swear that it helps brighten up sallow pale skin and gives them the glow from within. Again to each their own! 

If you decide to try any of these techniques keep me posted on how things go. 

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