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About Me!

Welcome to my blog, I am guessing you clicked on this page to get to know the author of these blog posts, which by the way I feel very honored about. My name is Sara and I am just another girl trying to do what she loves most. My mission is to inspire other bloggers and readers through my captured photos and writing. I know you pressed on this link to get to know me, but I am still getting to know me. So far I know that I enjoy long walks, yoga, change of seasons, baking, everything beauty related and of course writing. I am your typical 21-year-old, studying in university, with the hopes that I will use my degree to work for an NPO one day, write a piece for a pristine magazine, and through it, all be able to keep my blog up and running. I hope you learned a bit about me through these very random, very all over the place facts. If you have any more questions feel free to email me at